Q: Which Microsoft ID should I use to configure sync in One Shopping List?
A: With the current implementation, you should use the same Microsoft ID (a.k.a. Live ID) on all devices where running One Shopping List which you want to keep in sync. It will not affect the rest of your phone or the other apps on your phone. If you have a Microsoft ID common to all your family members (where you keep e.g. your common contacts, shared by all your family members), that is the ideal ID to use it for One Shopping List as well!

Q: Do I need the sync feature if I have only one device (Windows Phone)?
A: Yes, you do: If your device breaks, and / or you buy a new device, it will be the only way to get your data to the new device!

Q: How is the synchronization working?
A: One Shopping List syncs all your items and shopping paths between the device and your own OneDrive (which comes with your Microsoft account free of charge). It is able to recognize and merge changes on Item granularity, so that it will typically “do what you mean”: If you add two items on one device, and your partner removes 3 items from the list on another device, you will end up on both devices with having the two new items ON the list and the other three items removed FROM the list. However, for this one of the partners needs to have synced the list twice. Consider the following scenario:

  1. You added the two new items and synced the list; Now your local list and the one on OneDrive is the same;
  2. Your partner starts the app, and syncs the list (automatically by default). Now he also “sees” your changes, all three lists are now identical;
    He removes the 3 items and syncs the list; Now his list and the one on OneDrive are in sync, yours not yet.
  3. You sync your list again and “see” the changes your partner did. Now again all 3 lists are in sync.

On OneDrive, all changes happen sequentially. So even if you and your partner do the sync at (almost) the same time, one of you will be the first and needs to sync a second time. But this is a rare situation and is normally solved for you transparently if you keep “autosync” switched on in your sync settings.

Q: Is the app downloading and uploading the list from OneDrive with every sync?
A: No, the app remembers the timestamp of the downloaded version and next time compares the timestamps. It will download the list from OneDrive only if the timestamp has changed since the previous download. Also, it will not upload your local list unless you changed something on it.

Q: What does the Consent which I’ve accepted during the sync setup means?
A: When you sign in to One Shopping List with your Microsoft account, you need to give One Shopping List read and write access to your own OneDrive. Microsoft is not managing access rights on lower granularity (like Folders), so One Shopping list needs this access. I assure you that I will NEVER use this right in my programs to get access to something else on your OneDrive, except for the files where I save and from where I read your own shopping data. The data belong to you and are safe! One Shopping List is not using any other server or place to store your data, except for YOUR OWN OneDrive.
If you do not trust me, you can take away those rights at any time here:
You will still be able to use One Shopping List on your local devices, but you cannot sync or back up your data anymore.

Any other questions? Just ask, I will be glad to answer it.



  1. Anne · ·

    Thanks for the info, that helped!

    Now here’s the next question 😊
    I’ve emptied my shopping list and now I’ve got two options: “Artikel eintippen” (enter item) and “Artikel in Listen markieren” (mark item in lists), but both result in the same form for entering an item. Is this an error?

  2. Hello Anne,
    it means these 3 items are in categories which are currently not marked as available in that shopping path.
    If these 3 items are not visible, tap on “Show” (“Einblenden”), then tap of one of the grayed out categories.
    Alternatively, open the menu on the bottom of the screen and choose “my shopping paths” (“Meine Einkaufspfade”).
    Here you can put a checkmark of the categories which you want to mark as available in this shopping path.

  3. Anne · ·

    What does this mean: “3 items on your list are not available at [path name]? How can I get rid of this alert?

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