initial setup

initial setup

shopping list

shopping list

Shopping Paths

shopping paths

add products

add products




setup sync

setup sync

sync is set up

sync is set up



  1. Alan · ·

    Thanks for the clarification.

    The phones accent coloring feature doesn’t work with (for ex. french) accented characters (é, è, à) though.

    OS: Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2.


  2. Hello Alan,
    If the preferred brand/store is matching the shopping path name, I render that string in the phones accent color.
    The reason is that we usually put On our shopping list generic items like milk, sugar etc. and for most of them it does not Matter where we buy them. Some rare items however, we like buy from a particular small store.
    If I am at that small store, and plan to go after to the supermarket, I want to see what I should buy in any case from this small store and leave all the rest for the supermarket… Sounds complicated, but this is the use case behind this strange feature ☺ .

  3. Alan · ·

    Hi codingorca,

    Re: “add products” (1) & “shopping paths” (2) screenshots

    Thanks a lot for this most useful app.

    When a “(preferred brand/)store/…” field (1a) and “shopping path” name field (2a)
    match/have the same content, ex. Walmart (in 1a) – Walmart (in 2a), is the shopping list
    supposed to display in a particular way – ex. filtered items for matching fields?

    Similarly, if for ex. a “product category” (in 1), for ex. “Produce/PRODUCE” in the
    screenshots, has shopping items with “Walmart” and shopping items with “Aldi” (in 1a)
    and a “Walmart” and “Aldi” shopping path (in 2a)?


  4. Hello Vadim, up to now only english and german – sorry.
    I might consider translations to other languages in a few months, and then I will include russian too, as I know now that at least one customer would appreciate it 🙂

  5. Vadim · ·

    Do you have it in different languages? Russian language? Thanks

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