App Description

One Shopping List

This is a Windows Phone App which enables you to Manage your one shopping list. You can install it and test it using this link.

The list can be sorted according to the store where you are currently shopping, so that the order on your list corresponds to your path through that store.

Your shopping paths

Manage your stores: choose the available product categories and the order in which you encounter them on your way through the store.

SkyDrive sync

Share your shopping list with your family.
The app will combine all the changes from all participating devices using a timestamp on product item level.
Log in with your Microsoft account to activate this feature.
Make sure you use the same account on all devices which you want to keep in sync.


One way to add items to your list is by typing a part of the product name and choose from the list of matching items.
Use this function if some items you need to buy just came into your mind.


The other way is to review the list of your preferred products and mark some of them to be added to the shopping list.
Use this function at home, before doing your weekend shopping, to check if you are out of some basic products.

Send as email

If your partner does not own a windows phone, send him an email with the sorted shopping list.

You can find some SCREENSHOTS here.



  1. Wolfgang · ·

    OMG sooo easy. Thanks

  2. Hello Wolfgang, the words in the Autocomplete list are actually entries in the database, probably added by mistake.
    To see them all, go to favorites (press the * in the Menu bar at the bottom of the screen, and in that pivot page swap right one or two times to get to “All”.
    Here you can see all the entries in your database, and you can select one of them and delete it.

  3. Wolfgang · ·

    How can i delete words from the autocomplete list? Some words are written wrong and a lot of words i do not need.

  4. Hello Heinrich,
    the only important thing to do is: you should set up sync in OneShoppingList on your old phone and sync your data with OneDrive. Maybe you already did that.

    Now, after installing the app on your new phone, you will be asked if you want to a) set up sync, b) to start with a small database, or c) start with an empty database.
    Choose “set up sync”, provide the same account as you did on your old phone, sync your OneShoppingList, and you’re done.
    You can even keep both, and your OneShoppingList will sync the lists between your two devices. We have an old windows phone in our kitchen just for this purpose: to add items to the list.

    Please note that the account used in OneShoppingList must not necessarily be the same with the main account of your windows phone!
    In my family, all of us have a different main account for our phones, but we share my account for the OneShoppingList.
    When my daughter changed her windows phone, I only had to provide my credentials once in her new OneShoppingList as described above, and from that point her OneShoppingList is syncing automatically with ours.

    Enjoy your new windows phone!

  5. Heinrich Schmid · ·

    If I buy a new Windows Handy and install the App again, how could I retrieve the existing data?

  6. mark · ·

    Hi codingorca,

    Thanks for the quick reply! Your planned changes sound really good. I understand the intention to always have the items visible so that the user knows that there are still other things to buy. If you get this ability to hide categories implemented, maybe a good way to make the user aware of other items would be to either highlight the names of paths containing items by color or by graying out those names containing no items. That way there would still be a visual cue that there is more stuff to buy.

    I’ve also thought of some more possible improvements 🙂 :

    1) Editing the various fields of items is pretty cumbersome (category, store, unit). It currently requires tapping to set the cursor, backspacing or deleting the existing entry, and finally typing the first letters until the options appear. It would be quicker (and prevent falsely typed entries) if you could just tap to show a scrollable list of possible entries for the field. That would probably mean having a separate settings area to define the values for “category” and “unit” (stores are already defined in “paths”). However, this is something that would only rarely need to be done so I think it makes sense to keep it separate from the main editing mode.

    2) When directly entering the name of an item, I’ve noticed that many suggestions appear first which contain the entered letters somewhere other than the beginning of the name. That means the name I want often doesn’t appear until I’ve entered several letters. I think it would make sense to sort the results so that those names starting with the entered letters appear at the top.

    Once again in conclusion, you have really created a great app. You shouldn’t feel shy about putting a price on it. I’m sure many who try it would be perfectly willing to pay for it.

  7. Hello Mark,
    thanks for your comment. To behonest, the current behavior is by intention, and the ideea behind it is to always have ALL items on the list on the screen, regardless which shopping path you have currently selected.
    However, I have the same feedback from more users and I will add in the new future two features to support your whish. Interesatly: in a discussion with Kim and René we came to the same conclusion as you are proposing, so I will do it this way:
    – the categories not allocated to the shopping path will remain on the end of the list, but will be rendered gray
    – there will be a toggle button at the end of the list, to hide them completely / to show them grayed.
    – there will be the posibility to “pin” a product to a shopping path. These items will behave the same way as the categories not allocated to the shopping path (gray or not visible at all, depending on that option).

    Additionally, I will reintroduce the shopping basket and add the posibility to enter the price of the items, and will calculate the totals for the list and for the shopping basket, as I have 3 feedbacks up to now which are requesting this.

    But it will take some time, I hope you can live with the app as it is until then 🙂

  8. mark · ·

    Really great concept!

    There’s one thing that appears to not be working right, however. You write above: “Manage your stores: choose the available product categories…” When I have an item listed from a category that is not activated for a certain shopping path, the category and item still show up in that path’s list. For a shopping path configured for a specialty store (only offering one or two categories), I would expect only to see those items available at that store, but this isn’t the case. Or maybe I’ve misunderstood? In any case it would be useful to at least have the option to hide the unavailable items.

    Thanks for the great app! :o)

  9. Hello Mike,
    Microsoft changed the skyDrive implementation without notice, and the SkyDrive library I am using delivers an empty stream when I download the SkyDrive files to the phone.
    I am working with high pressure on this issue and will publish an update as soon as I have a working solution.
    I am so sorry for inconvenience…

  10. Mike Sieckendieck · ·

    I have a problem.

    No longer suffer the tool sync with SkyDrive.
    It comes but no error message.

    What’s wrong?

  11. Mike & Kim, thanks for your appreciation, this is motivating for me.
    You probably already found the Windows Desktop companion (alpha version, which you can use until I will have some time to implement a windows 8 Store app.
    I already started to work on the windows 8 version but unfortunately, this is going to take some time, because I only to this when I have some free time (this means 2-4 hours per week)…
    I also want it since I own a Surface RT, but knowing that some other people would use it gives me more motivation, thanks.

  12. Mike Sieckendieck · ·

    nice app.
    please a Version for Windows 8

  13. kim reist · ·

    I LOVE THIS APP! Posted a review, I hope it went through. Great job, thank you!

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