This is the homepage for the Windows Phone App named ONE SHOPPING LIST.

I know that there are many apps out there which provides similar functionality, some of them are quite powerfull and well established. However, I could not find one which provide all of the functions which I consider important, and therefore I decided to implement one of my own.

Mybe you find the following requirements important as well:

  1. It must be based on only ONE single list. Else, I get lost in to many lists and forget what is on which list.
  2. I want the list to be sorted specific for the store where I am shopping, so that I do not need to scroll back and forth when I am about to buy items in that store, or – which is sometimes anoying when shopping with an handwritten shopping list – to return to the entrance of the store when I discover an item too late. I call this sorting “my shopping path”. I want to define more such paths, e.g. one for each store where I am sometimes shopping.
  3. I want to sync my list with my family, without registering an additional account except for a Microsoft account which I already  need to use the Windows Phone.
  4. Support the direct way to add items to the list by typing in a few letters of the product name, and choose the item I am looking for from a list of mathing items. I call this the AUTOCOMPLETE mode.
  5. Support the Checklist-mode to add items to the list: browse through the list of my favorite products (or the list of recently buyed items) and checkmark those which I need to buy. I call this the FAVORITES mode. 

If you do find this requirements important as well, try out ONE SHOPPING LIST and see if I hits your expectations. Give me feedback on it, tell me if you have a great ideea for additional features, or if you think it can be made easier to use.



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