ONE SHOPPING LIST for Windows Phone

ONE SHOPPING LISTStarting yesterday, ONE SHOPPING LIST is available in the Windows Phone Store for all countries. If you have any questions, comments, proposals or critics, this is the right place for you.

Click on the tile to find ONE SHOPPING LIST in the Store.

I do not know how you and your family are dealing with your grocery list. We used to have a piece of paper on our pin wall in the kitchen, and whenever we discovered that something got out of stock, we wrote that item to the list. There where several problems with that approach:

  • often, when me or my wife got back from work and had time to buy something, that piece of paper was still hanging in our kitchen
  • even if I had that list with me, it happened very often that I had to run back and forth in the store to pick items which I have seen to late on my list, because it was not sorted properly

When we got our windows phones, one of the apps which we loved most was OneNote. There we hold information which we need often, and we can access on our phones, on out desktops at home and at work, even on foreign computers in a web browser, and all that information is editable and synchronized – it simply works.
We started to use OneNote for our shopping list too, but there was too many typing needed, and the list continued to remain unsorted.
A specialized app is needed for this purpose. We tried quite a few of them, but most of are dealing with separate lists for every store, some do not sync properly or need an additional account to a third party web server, and none of them allowed us to sort the items properly.
So I decided to write an App to solve all these issues. We are using it for almost one year now, and I have incrementally added features to it until we are now quite satisfied with it. Last week, I was courageous enough to publish it to the Windows Phone Store – maybe you give it a try too, it’s free!
Some of the features of ONE SHOPPING LIST (by the way: the name is inspired, as you might guess, from Microsoft’s OneNote) are:

  • You only need ONE shopping list, which you can sort for that store where you currently are shopping. I call this sorting criteria “MY SHOPPING PATHS”, here is the page whereyou can manage them:

    Shopping Paths

    shopping paths

  • It accumulates all products you put on your shopping list, so next time it is easy to put them on the list again:
    add products

    add products

    You still can remove particular items from your database, if they got there by mistake or if they are not relevant to you anymore (you can do that on the favorites page)

  • You can sync all your data with your private SkyDrive cloud storage, and by this to all other instances of ONE SHOPPING LIST of your family. Your data remain private, protected with your Microsoft account. The sync is intelligent enough to merge changes done on all your devices on item level, so you can add/remove some items to the list while you partner is adding/removing some others. In case of conflicts (seldom use case), the last change wins.

  • Last but not least: you can manage your favorites, so you can quickly review at home what favorites you are out of stock before going shopping.

  • One more thing: after you install the app for the first time, you can import a small database of usual items and three predefines shopping paths which you should rename and adjust afterwards, to fit your needs: 

    initial setup

    initial setup

If you are installing the app on a second device in your family, you should simply join syncing, and you’re done.
I’ve created a homepage here, where you can also see several other screenshots and where I am happy to answer questions and accept suggestions or bug reports.
The ONE SHOPPING LIST for Windows Phone can be installed from the Windows Phone Store by following this link.
A Desktop companion is available for testing, but it is in an initial development phase. If you want to be a beta-tester for it, you can install the from here and report me the bugs or any other suggestions on the same page, or by Email (


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