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Current version: One Shopping List 1.5

It contains the following features you voted for:

  1. You can hide items which are not available at your selected Store or show them dimmed at the end of your shopping list.
  2. In the Add Items Page, the Autocaps feature of the virtual keyboard is available.

Please vote for ONE of the features which you would like to see in the upcomming release (1.6), or propose a new one as comment bellow.



  1. Andrea · ·

    I really like the app. Best I could discover.

    My additional suggestion is a function for recipes and ingredients and the possibility to add one or more of the ingredients to the shopping list.

  2. @Alan, regarding your suggestion no. 2 from August 12:
    If you checkmark by mistake an item, you will find it at the top of the “LATEST” items on your “Favorites/LATEST/ALL” page, just press the star in the menu of the main page to go to this page.

  3. Alan · ·

    Add/show field(s) for “shopping path” information:
    opening hours, landline/mobile phone number,
    website address, email address of the store.
    Possible to link to the People/Contacts app?

  4. Alan · ·

    Some suggestions & comments:

    1) in order enable optimisation of screen real estate, add an on/off option to display
    (or not) the shopping list items’ category name.

    2) the current display of shopping list items shows a check mark for each item which,
    when tapped, disappears from the shopping list. As such, when inadvertently tapping
    a shopping list item, the item disappears and – if remembered – has to be added again.
    If not remembered, the missing item can not be recovered.

    How about displaying each shopping item with a checkbox which, when tapped,
    can be checked/unchecked and/or changing the item color or displaying the item with
    a strikethrough line over the text or not? Or add display preference options to choose
    from any of these.

    3) “clear shopping list” doesn’t always asks for confirmation.

  5. Jeff · ·

    Main view would be easier to read if categories came in a different colour to main text.

  6. Vossi · ·

    Thank you very much for creating my No. 1 shopping list app. I have a request, which has not much to do with the functionality of the App but the optics. Would it be possible to create a setting for a background? It would be nice to be able to have this customization possibility.

  7. Wolfgang · ·

    works with windows 10 mobile too.

  8. Anne · ·

    When editing an item on the list, the save button is in the middle and the delete button on the left. I always expect the save button to be the leftmost and accidentally click delete, which doesn’t have a warning. After deleting I have to reenter all the product details 😞
    I at least one of these three things should be changed. 😊

  9. Flo · ·

    I once had a shopping-app which could (if wished) remind you of the stuff you needed when you were near a certain gps-marked store. You first have to mark the store on a map of course. That was useful for not only daily shopping, but i.e. for home depot, furniture,… stuff you think of but don’t have it always on your mind.

    Don’t have the app 4 a long time yet, but so far very pleasantly surprised!!

  10. Jennifer · ·


    I would like to have the possibility, to pin not only the whole app but also the single Shopping lists on the start page of the phone. The aim is to see the number of things to buy in every single shop.

    To choose a colour for every Icon on the start page would be wonderful.

    As an example for a solution: styrit shopping list.

    Best regards,

  11. Wolfgang · ·

    I’ve installed the desktop app on windows 10 and the phone app on my windows 8.1 phone. Sync is very good and both apps working great.

  12. Thanks for your sugestion, Wolgang. You can already add new categories by creating a new product iten, or editing an existing one, and entering your new category there.
    If you return to the my shoppin paths page, you will see that ceategory there an can adjust its position in the path.

  13. Wolfgang · ·

    I need a feature to add categories (in german: Kategorien z.B. Eistruhe oder Kühlregal) Thanks this app is great!

  14. Hi Simon,
    in the app I have no limit for the number of items, However, the toolkit (silverlight toolkit for WP7, AutocompleteBox) might have a bug, altough I’ve never experienced this behavior.
    If you have no private stuff in your items database, you might send me the content of your “AppData/OneFamily” order on your OneDrive in a zip file, hoping to reproduce the error this way.
    Mail the zip file to me directly at I will treat the data with care and will delete it after finishing the investigation, promised!
    I assume you use the latest update (1.4)? Are you using the PC Companion? That is alpha and might have currupted the files on skydrive…

    Sorting the items INSIDE a category was not an issue for me up to now, since IF I would need it it would be shopping-path specific, and that would be too much work:)
    However, simply sorting them alphabetically can be done easily, I will add an option for that on the settings page with the next update.

    Autocaps will be enabled in the next udate.

    Best regards

  15. Hi,

    Firstly, I’d like to thank you for writing this excellent app.

    I’ve just started finding that items which would previously autocomplete are no longer appearing. I assume this is because there’s a limit to the number of “remembered” items – can this limit be increased?

    Also, I’ve found that items within each category in the list don’t appear to be sorted. Could these be sorted alphabetically?

    Finally, I’m in the habit of capitalising items, so would it be possible for the “shift” key to be automatically activated when entering a new item?

  16. Krister · ·


    Thank you for a very quick response, and a pleasant one! I didn’t know the login worked for one app only, very nice feature.I’ll install it asap on our phones.

    Happy new year!

  17. Hi Krister,
    all you need to do is to use YOUR account on your wife’s phone in one shoppibg list, when setting up the sync.
    You do this one time only, and it does not affect any other app or feature of her phone.
    Your privacy is preserved as she cannot access any other info excep your shopping list.
    So you and your wife can use different accounts on your phone, but you can share one of these accounts for one shopping list.
    This is a workaround until I provide a SkyDrive sharing solution.

  18. Krister · ·

    Yea, the sync is a deal breaker for me. My wife and I have WP8 phones, and we use our own SkyDrive accounts. I’ll check back later, the app looks good in other ways.

  19. Hello Dan,
    Thank you very much for your positive feedback and especially for your great suggestion!
    I spent some time to think of a reasonable way to enhance the sync configuration so that you can change the place on SkyDrive where your OneShoppingList is storing the files to be synced.
    Unfortunately, I am still using a Windows Phone 7.8, which in Germany is not providing the “Family Room” feature – that is the reason why I heard about it from YOU for the first time .
    But my daughter has a windows phone 8, I will investigate with her this feature to see if it is a reasonable default.
    I can also imagine leaving the default as it is, but provide the following new features on the sync settings page:
    Below the last line where the path to the data is shown, add a “Change” button. This navigates to a page showing the followings:
    – Keep the data private to my account (check marked by default)
    – Places you share with others:
    Shows a list of SkyDrive directories you share with other people in read/write mode;
    – Places which others are sharing with you:
    Shows a list of SkyDrive directories which other people are sharing with you, and you have write access to them.
    On this page, you can select another entry. After you confirm your new selection, the next sync will be done with the new location.
    I also need to think about what should happen if the new location already contains data. Merge, keep local or keep the data from the new location are the possible alternatives.
    However, I want to keep it as simple as possible, so I need a little more time to think about it.
    What do you think about it?

  20. Dan H. · ·

    I love your application. Unfortunately for me the syncing is not a useful feature unless you could sync your txt DBs with a shared SkyDrive location or directly from the family room, a default of the family room would be preferable. Thank you for the great work! I gave it 4 out of 5 stars, and will update to 5 if the syncing is modified to support a shared location like the family room!

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